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Building on the combined experience of our partners, we are a boutique that focuses on providing premium services regarding fundamental questions companies face:

  • Strategy, Growth, Corporate Finance & Transformation

  • Marketing, Product & Sales

Within these areas, our specialties include:


Transforming family-owned companies: managing change in governance, strategy, culture, communications and HR; which will often be linked to generational handovers.

Aligning the top: Harmonizing strategic intent and resolving conflict between owners, boards and executive teams.

The first 100 days - on substance: supporting CEOs/CXOs/executive teams in quickly getting situational awareness and building their substantive agendas as they ramp in their new roles.

Growth strategies for divestitures: developing a legitimate growth strategy for portfolio companies of PEs and similar owners who turned around struggling companies but need work for the topline as they prepare to divest.

Achieving growth targets through inorganic growth: helping businesses to evaluate potential targets and paying an appropriate price. Supporting clients during the M&A process so that management can still focus on operations.

Marketing and Brand strategy: developing actionable commercial strategies and building distinctive brands for early growth and scaling.

Sales, Product & Marketing Setup: accelerating a company’s development to strengthen those functions individually, or even to (re)build them from scratch.

Our goal is to provide successful interventions working closely with our clients, and then make our ongoing support unnecessary by providing our clients with the means to continue on their own.


We work with boards, executive teams and heads of division. Combining our decades of experience, we work with clients to identify key issues to resolve and tune out the noise which is inevitable with large shifts in directions, complex projects and transformations.


  • Media, Communications

  • Entertainment, Sports, Betting Operators

  • Technology & Deep Tech
  • Financial Services

  • Marketing Services

  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

  • Chemical


We provide bespoke advisory services, working as individuals or as a team, with a tailored approach for optimal client support. As needed, we will bring in specialists from our network. 

We are discreet, low-profile and typically engaged for highly confidential work. We select our client work carefully and are alert that success should always be owned by the client, not the advisors.

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